Heatlok Soy-200 is the newest addition to the Demilec family of polyurethane foams. Based on our long serving Heatlok Soy foam, the 200 formula displays the characteristics customers have come to expect from our products whilst boasting the added advantage of having an improved thermal conductivity over the standard formula. As usual our products do not contain any ozone depleting blowing agents.


HEATLOK SOY® 200 is a closed cell spray polyurethane foam insulation with a unique ecological benefit that incorporates renewable oils and recycled plastic bottles in the creation of a high performing insulation.

HEATLOK SOY 200 can reduce energy consumption in buildings by up to 50%, decrease dust and air pollutants, and maximises energy efficiency by reducing air leakage from the building. A single application provides air, water and vapour protection and improves your building's structural integrity.

HEATLOK SOY 200 provides multiple benefits in a single application, making it the most versatile choice for your insulation and sealing needs.