Sealection 500 is a 100% water Blown breathable insulation which creates a full airtight seal across the building envelope.

Not to be mistaken for other lower grade open cell foams; Sealection 500 is a premium grade open cell spray foam insulation, which is 100% water blown and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, gases, fibres, formaldehyde or asbestos.

Enjoy Greater Comfort, Save Money and Help the Environment

Spray foam insulation ensures that any building is substantially warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Energy bills become cheaper, because of reduced air leakage and floor surface exposure which can contribute to a loss of 30% efficiency or more. Sealection 500 will reduce household energy consumption, save you money and will also reduce carbon emissions to help improve our environment.

Stops Draught's and Air Leakage

In one simple application, Sealection 500 completely fills cracks and cavities forming a continuous air barrier that adheres to the building components, eliminating draught's while providing superior insulation performance.

Long Lasting

Once installed, it does not shrink, settle or disintegrate. Unlike most conventional insulation materials, it maintains its efficiency with no loss of U-Value over the life of the building.

Efficient and Affordable Solutions with Environmental Protection.

SEALECTION® 500 is an open cell, semi-rigid, environmentally friendly spray foam insulation. It gives architects greater flexibility in design as it conforms to any geometrical shape to form an airtight and thermal envelope. It provides an efficient and affordable solution to the growing demands for Green, energy efficient homes and commercial buildings.

SEALECTION® 500 allows architects to create bold, innovative designs without interfering with the insulating envelope. Its simple, single-application, water-blown formula quickly expands to 120 times its liquid volume.

SEALECTION® 500 fully self-adheres to the substrate, providing a seamless, monolithic air  barrier that conforms to irregular shapes and allows for easy detailing around areas where air could penetrate.

By blocking air, dirt, allergens and vapour from the building, SEALECTION® 500 stops mould, mildew and wall damage due to condensation or convectional air movement. It also reduces noise pollution because airborne noise can no longer seep through walls or ceilings. The benefits are especially appealing to builders who specialise in energy efficient homes.

SEALECTION® 500 reduces the energy needed for heating and cooling buildings by up to 50 percent. As a result, buildings can use smaller, less expensive HVAC units to provide the same degree of temperature control and air quality.

SEALECTION® 500 contains no ozone-depleting chemicals, gasses, fibres, formaldehyde or asbestos.

Forward-thinking architects are recognising that SEALECTION® 500 is the next-generation answer to today's design and environmental challenges.

Demilec International is committed to improving the energy efficiency of structures and homes.

We manufacture and test our spray foam insulation products to meet and/or exceed industry standards.

The ability to effectively air seal a structure and the low U-Values of Demilec International’s spray foam insulation will greatly increase the energy efficiency of buildings of all types.

Some of our products, such as medium density Heatlok Soy closed cell spray foam insulation contribute to the structural integrity of walls. On the other hand, our low density Sealection line of open cell spray foam products greatly reduces airborne sound transmission.

Beyond our products structural or sound capabilities, they also significantly increase the Energy Rating of each assembly. Designing with Demilec International’s spray foam can give you unique characteristics by providing moisture management, monolithic barriers, drain planes, and other functionalities in the construction of sustainable buildings. 

Demilec offer a unique service to homeowners by working with independent fully trained professionals.

Our products can only be installed by contractors we authorise.

Our installers take time to explain different insulation technologies, their implications, advantages and disadvantages in the context of your project.

We offer self build clients the opportunity to design energy efficient homes including "A" rated and passive standard, which will help future proof your build.

We recommend the type of insulation system best suited to your project and your budget.
We even go so far as to recommend other products in the rare situation where our products are not suitable.

We have a unique quality assurance program, InSEAL-Right, where we perform random inspections on jobsites, to help ensure that the products are being properly applied